CVAI Announces New Team Member, Angel Melgoza

Coachella Valley Arts Institute is proud to announce our newest team member, Angel Melgoza. He is a Coachella Valley native that understands the needs of our community and demographic. He makes a great addition to the team as a Tutor / Mentor and we are glad to have him. Welcome aboard! Meet Angel Melgoza, he is awesome.

I am Angel Melgoza, a recent gradate from University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), residing in the Eastern Coachella Valley. I am excited to start working for the Coachella Valley Arts Institute to help students graduate early, enroll in college sooner than the majority of their peers, and simultaneously gain job skills that will help ease their transition and prepare them for the real world. My interest to help students in the Coachella Valley achieve their goals is rooted from my own experience. I am a native of the Coachella Valley and there is nothing more fulfilling than to come back and help your community succeed, progress, and show off their full potential to the world.

Aside from this I enjoy photography, road trips, camping, travel, staying up to date with current events, politics (international relations/human rights), and staying active/involved in my community. Currently I am a Street Team member of The Oasis Project—an ethnographic research that seeks to document, narrate, and put a face to the unincorporated community in the Eastern Coachella Valley known as Oasis by interviewing residents of the community and making their issues (e.g. lack or resources) visible.

Helping people reach their full potential, with a life-is-limitless mindset, keeps me content!

By: Sarahyah Yisrael, Social Entrepreneur

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