CVAI Winter Celebration Newsletter

Winter Newsletter

Season’s greeting to all of our students, families, supporters, and associates! Winter is here and so are our new specials and updates. We are excited to make these announcements to you! Thanks for your hard work this semester. We appreciate all of your support from our backers, partners, and associates.

What’s new?

As the temperature drops, we must be aware of season illnesses. Boost your immune system with lots of Vitamin C. Oranges are in season, so take advantage. Why not? EAT UP! They are great.

Yes, we are in California but, it is getting cold so remember to grab a sweater. CVAI has new classes we are offering. We are hiring for various positions. Enjoy your vacation time your families!

Winter Specials

Check out our latest offers!

Winter Specials for CVAI


Job Opportunities


Our featured job is a Child Care Assistant / Worker. We will be fiscally sponsoring Mother Hen Day Care, providing 24-hour daycare in 29 Palms, CA. We are looking for early morning and overnight shift workers.

Child Care Assistant (preferably someone with their own child to enroll):

ONLY Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and 29 Palms residents, please.

Currently, we are accepting applications for immediate placement. Hours and days may vary and will be decided upon employment.

Important note: Seeking someone who is a parent and wants to bring their child(ren) to work. We have a family environment and want to add to it. Qualified homeschooling mothers encouraged to apply!


Must be 18 years of age or older

High school diploma or equivalent (6 college credits, Certificate, or teaching credential in Early Childhood Education or other related field preferred)

Valid California State Drivers License.

Must pass a criminal background though Livescan.

TB test clearance, MMR, Tdap, and Annual Flu shot prior to employment as required by the state of California unless you have an exemption from a doctor.

Infant EMSA CPR and First Aid certifications required within 60 days of employment.


Assist in maintaining a family atmosphere that is safe, fun and comfortable for learning at all times.

Establishes a positive relationship with children and their families.
Assume housekeeping responsibilities.

Assist Director with daily classroom events and programs.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit a short letter as to why you are a good fit along with your contact information on our website. If you are a good candidate, you will be invited to submit a resume and be interviewed. Phone interviews will begin the first week of January and continue till positions are filled.

Check out CVAI’s other employment opportunities.

CVAI Winter Hiring Flyer

Winter Hiring Pic

Music & Literacy Classes

Welcome to all our new Charter School Students and international students! We have new classes available live and online. Use your school funds and join the fun for as little as $5. We are proud to offer classes at Copper Mountain College starting in January of 2018. Check out what we have for you.

CVAI Winter Class Flyer-page0001


Teen Jobs Available In The Coachella Valley


CVAI conducted a survey with local residents, local students, previous school administrators and after school programs leaders. It was assessed that Coachella and the surrounding cities such as Mecca and Thermal, have little to no programs available for middle and high school students focusing on life skills and job training. The greater majority of the students in this area come from a household were one or both parents are migrant farm workers. These migrants parents have no other alternative. Once their children are of working age, many times before 16, they join them in the fields passing the legacy on to the next generation.

The College of the Desert Mecca Campus is surrounded entirely by farm fields. When it is time for harvest, you can catch the dedicated laborers out in droves from early morning till early evening.

While attending a local college class in Mecca, I noticed a decline in attendance. I caught up with some students who stopped attending and asked why he stopped coming. The student simply pointed to the neighboring field and said ‘Trabajo’ meaning work. I remembered a speech he had previouly given in class about how his family migrated to the states and how hard is was working in the agriculture industry. It was difficult for him to watch his older mother and father work so tirelessly. He started working with them in his early teens to ease the workload. He is 20 now and still works with his family earning $45 a day. They work mandatory overtime with no pay increase and start the work day at 4AM. -Panel Member, College of the Desert Student

For students like him and others this is norm but, CVAI will offer new options.

Teens and young adults will now have the opportunity to gain job and life skills all over the Coachella Valley with CVAI. We currently enrolling students! They can earn while they learn and obtain skills for the future. If you would like to enroll your child or get your school or students involved, contact us today. Space is limited.

Fall Fest Specials, Available Now! Come Celebrate With Us This Season & Save.

It is harvest time. An autumn in California is a such a sight to see! Fall is such a beautiful season, loved by families, artists, and musicians alike. We are celebrating by offering you some exclusive Fall Fest Specials with 311 Digital! Get inspired with us and see what we can create together. Check out our new promotions. Contact us for more info.

Let’s make magic.

Fall Fest Specials


Baby & Maternity Photo Shoots, starting at $50.00.


Music Videos, starting at $100.00.


Song Mastering, starting at $75.00.


Personal domain and site creation, starting at $100.00.

CVAI’s 2nd Annual Back 2 School Backpack Giveaway!

In 2014, CVAI hosted a Back 2 School Bash that provided over 400 students with new backpacks to prepare them for the new school year.

CVAI’s 2nd Annual Back 2 School Backpack Giveaway, will be held at our new office in Coachella, CA to assist local families in need. This event will also featured transportation home to those who qualify within a 10 mile radius. CVAI will giving away backpacks to low income families who qualify to receive a free government cell phone.

What do I need to do to qualify for a free backpack?

Like” the Coachella Valley Arts Institute’s Facebook page. 

Share” the event on your timeline with your friends.

Then simply send a “Message” to Coachella Valley Arts Institute to set up a time to come in.

The event was established in 2014 in Desert Hot Springs by the organization, city mayor and other local companies to help low income residents of the city.

“The event grew so fast, it was a standing room only,” said event organizer. “Although we were met with the challenge to serve as many families as possible, we were able to help gather city and local support in Desert Hot Springs to help over 400 children with backpacks. We plan to help as many as possible this year in Coachella.” This year the event will be by appointment only.

What do I need to qualify for a free cell phone?

Families must participate in one of the following assistance programs:

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP).
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8).
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  • The National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program.
  • Other assistance programs in your state.

Please contact CVAI if you want to help sponsor this event or have any further questions.



IMMEDIATE HIRE: Get Paid To Give Out FREE CELL PHONES Through The Lifeline Program

The Coachella Valley Arts Institute is looking for agents to help expand its Lifeline Wireless Campaign in California. Safelink Wireless (Freelink Mobile) is a lifeline provider that helps individuals by offering free cell phone service to those on government assistance programs including WIC, Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, Housing Assistance, and many other additional subsidized programs. Qualified applicants receive an Android Smart Phone with unlimited talk, text and 500MB of internet service for a whole year. The customer qualifies for the service every year by simply renewing their application. Help your family and friends!

Position: Enroll customers on the FREE CELL PHONE, lifeline program and get paid for it.

Earn $10 per enrollment. You can enroll up to 7+ customers an hour. The application takes 3 to 5 minutes!

Top performers have an opportunity to earn over $1000 a week!
We provide training and marketing materials
Growth Opportunity – Proven sales agents have been promoted to leadership positions


Agree to a background check & pass a drug screen. This must be paid for with your application FIRST! (Fees can be reimbursed if requested.)
Reliable transportation to carry equipment including canopy, table, chairs, etc.
Must be available to enroll customers at least 15+ hours a week.

You can operate anywhere in the Coachella Valley and California. YOU pick your hours! Flexible schedule makes this a great fit for students, stay at home moms or anyone needing extra money.

WEEKLY PAY. Direct deposit every Friday. Pay is by commission based per sign up. Agents are able to refer others for employment and receive a % of their commissions going forward (No Cap).

Business Casual Attire Necessary (Does not mean suit and tie)
Must have California DMV Identification, Driver’s License, or U.S. Passport
Familiarity with touch screen tablets for sign ups
Must have positive and professional attitude

If you are interested, please reply asap. Be sure to leave your phone number and email so that we may follow up quickly.

I need at least 2 reps in all the cities within the Coachella Valley from Morongo Valley, Thousand Palms, Blythe, Coachella, Mecca, DHS, Palm Desert and all the cities in between! Spots filling fast. Best job EVER…

ONLINE APPLICATION will be sent to you with instructions.

CVAI Announces New Team Member, Angel Melgoza

Coachella Valley Arts Institute is proud to announce our newest team member, Angel Melgoza. He is a Coachella Valley native that understands the needs of our community and demographic. He makes a great addition to the team as a Tutor / Mentor and we are glad to have him. Welcome aboard! Meet Angel Melgoza, he is awesome.

I am Angel Melgoza, a recent gradate from University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), residing in the Eastern Coachella Valley. I am excited to start working for the Coachella Valley Arts Institute to help students graduate early, enroll in college sooner than the majority of their peers, and simultaneously gain job skills that will help ease their transition and prepare them for the real world. My interest to help students in the Coachella Valley achieve their goals is rooted from my own experience. I am a native of the Coachella Valley and there is nothing more fulfilling than to come back and help your community succeed, progress, and show off their full potential to the world.

Aside from this I enjoy photography, road trips, camping, travel, staying up to date with current events, politics (international relations/human rights), and staying active/involved in my community. Currently I am a Street Team member of The Oasis Project—an ethnographic research that seeks to document, narrate, and put a face to the unincorporated community in the Eastern Coachella Valley known as Oasis by interviewing residents of the community and making their issues (e.g. lack or resources) visible.

Helping people reach their full potential, with a life-is-limitless mindset, keeps me content!

By: Sarahyah Yisrael, Social Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Why Early Graduation Is Beneficial For Students

  1. Early graduation is good for students who have outgrown their high schools academically. Students can begin college early by becoming a dual enrolled and taking college classes early.
  2.  If the student has a special talent that he or she would like to pursue, graduating early will allow them to start professional training early. Many young artists spend half of their day training and half of the day academically to keep up with their peers. This can become draining. If they graduate early they can continue to sharpen their talents and enroll in college if need be.
  3. If the student has a continuous problem of being bullied at school, it would be highly beneficial for them to graduate early rather than to remain in the high school where they are in danger. Suicide rates are at an all-time high for students who have gender issues.
  4.  Adolescent teens who become pregnant at an early age cannot attend high school with other students. Therefore, graduating early would be the best option because they can continue with their education without having to drop out.
  5. If the student graduates early they will be eligible for scholarships, grants and awards normally given to seniors so they can have financing to support their education in the future.

CVAI is now accepting applications to enroll in the early graduation program.

By: Sarahyah Yisrael, Social Entrepreneur