5 Reasons Why Early Graduation Is Beneficial For Students

  1. Early graduation is good for students who have outgrown their high schools academically. Students can begin college early by becoming a dual enrolled and taking college classes early.
  2.  If the student has a special talent that he or she would like to pursue, graduating early will allow them to start professional training early. Many young artists spend half of their day training and half of the day academically to keep up with their peers. This can become draining. If they graduate early they can continue to sharpen their talents and enroll in college if need be.
  3. If the student has a continuous problem of being bullied at school, it would be highly beneficial for them to graduate early rather than to remain in the high school where they are in danger. Suicide rates are at an all-time high for students who have gender issues.
  4.  Adolescent teens who become pregnant at an early age cannot attend high school with other students. Therefore, graduating early would be the best option because they can continue with their education without having to drop out.
  5. If the student graduates early they will be eligible for scholarships, grants and awards normally given to seniors so they can have financing to support their education in the future.

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