Please contact us for more information about tutoring, class enrollment or any other questions.


Coachella Valley Arts Institute

Phone: (760) 440-5512

Palm Desert Location

41550 Eclectic Street

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Sacramento Location

5960 S Land Park Dr #1368

Sacramento, CA 95822

San Francisco Location

5214F Diamond Heights Blvd #3637

San Francisco, CA 94131

Seaside Location

1550 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. #1057

Seaside, CA 93955


Los Angeles Location

Howard Hughes Center

6080 Center Drive, 6th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If my child attends a charter school, how can I use school funds to pay for classes and services like tutoring?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact your school and submit a request. Contact us after, and we will enroll you in the desired class(es) or provide you with our service(s).

Q. My child attends a charter school and I am using school funds to pay for classes and services. Are the classes and services online or in person?

Thank you for your interest. Local students in the high desert area are offered classes online and in person. Out of state area students are online only.

Other Questions

Q. How can I enroll my student?

Thank you for your interest in CVAI. You can begin the enrollment process by contacting our office. they will schedule your consultation to see if you are eligible for enrollment.

Q. How old does my student need to be?

We provide tutoring for all ages. However, to enroll and begin preparation the take the California exit exam, the student must be 15.

Q. Do you still offer music programs and studio time?

Yes. Please contact us for rates.

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