Healing Drum Circles

Drum circles are a place to heal.

CVAI Drums

Healing Drum Circles

Drum circles are a place to heal. When we come into one, we enter a sacred
place as a community without judgment and mistrust, with respect and
compassion to heal one another and bring into focus the possibilities of who we
truly are.

Coachella Valley Arts drum circles provide a shared experience supported by the
resonance, movement, and rhythm of the drumming and an approach that
encourages opening up to the energy generated. The focus on the drumming,
combined with the connectedness that comes from playing in a group, opens up
an opportunity for a release, processing, or transformation of emotions and
residual trauma.

Healing Drums Program

Our Healing Drums program exists to serve, educate, and empower the
homeless population, artists suffering or recovering from addiction, and trauma
survivors in our focused effort to prevent self abuse through innovative wellness-
support programs. We contribute to global healing and community through
advocacy, storytelling, and the promotion of complementary and alternative
medicine (CAM).


This gave me hope to continue to live. Thank you.

Jane Smith, San Jacinto, CA

I felt alone. I felt defeated. The drumming uplifted my spirits.

Anonymous, Hemet, CA

Let’s heal and create something great together.

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