Sara Groban, Recording Artist

Originally from Palm Desert, California, Sara Groban is a 25-year-old independent singer/songwriter currently living in Orange County, CA. She has been composing her own music since the age of 13. Sara Groban is proud to introduce herself to audiences worldwide with the release of her debut single “Drops of Sunlight”. With the help of Adon Icon of the Coachella Valley Arts Institute, Sara was able to transform this powerful and emotional song into a radio-ready production. The Coachella Valley Arts Institute guided Sara throughout the recording process, educating her on breathing techniques, vocal personality, and tone. Not only did Adon Icon provide exquisite vocal training and musical production for Sara’s new single, he also choreographed Sara’s performance of “Drops of Sunlight” and his and Sara’s performance of “Everything That’s Beautiful”, which debuted at The Hood in Palm Desert in 2014. This was just one of many shows where Adon Icon and Sara Groban performed together. Sara Groban is a multi-generational artist whose musical career has been enriched by The Coachella Valley Arts Institute’s guidance and knowledge of the music business.

Sara’s new single, “Drops of Sunlight” can be downloaded for free at: